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NO-FEE Christian Counseling via TeleTherapy


NO-FEE Christian Counseling via TeleTherapy

With Jeannette Wahlen

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT #100849)


TeleTherapy is the ability to use your personal technology to be able to participate in Face-to-Face Counseling sessions without leaving your own home


Here are the 4 Things You Need for TeleTherapy

1) Internet service (preferably your private “locked” Internet for security) 

2) A Computer/Laptop/Mobile Phone/Tablet with “Video” ability 

3) A PRIVATE Place to Sit Comfortably in your home (garage/car/yard…☺)

4) An Appointment (Call/Text Jeannette at 920.786.7999)


Consider One of these Types of TeleTherapy Christian Counseling:    

         Individual (ages 10 and older)


         Family (Up to 5 Screens at one time)

         Groups to Process Anxiety/Stress (Up to 5 Screens at one time) 


If you are struggling with the challenges, consider calling me for an initial phone appointment to discuss if we may be a match to use TeleTherapy to co-research FOR your preferred life and AGAINST the problem in one of the 4 types of Christian Counseling above…at No-Fee.


Call or Text Me at (920) 786-7999.


I Look Forward to Talking with you!

Jeannette Wahlen       

AMFT #100849


Supervised by Kate Pieper, LMFT, CCISM

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #36556